If there’s one epic you read these days that completely sums up how bizarro the is world rn, then it’s this one.

Kim Kardashian has met with Donald Trump at the White condo these days.

No, no, Donald isn’t about to develop into the next member of the Kardash-Klan. The not going or seemingly? pair have basically been talkin’ precise world considerations.

exceptionally, the case of Alice Marie Johnson, a fine-grandmother who daftar poker has given that been in penitentiary for over two decades for a first-time non-violent drug offense.

Johnson, who in 1996 was convicted for her involvement in cocaine trafficking in Memphis, Tenessee is begging for leniency as her economic difficulty she turned into addicted to playing and a string of unlucky movements her son become killed in a bike accident eventually led her to creating, “one of the vital worst choices” of her lifestyles.”to make some quick cash.”

Kim has been tirelessly campaigning for Trump to begin a Presidential Pardon ever in view that she heard about the case when Mic covered the heartbreaking narrative late closing year.

speaking to Mic in the lead up to her meeting with Trump, Kim pointed out: “I’ve been combating very tough and am inclined to do what it takes to combat for what’s right.”

Now, we’re unsure what sort of pull Kimmy has in this case aside from her heartfelt Tweet, but we’re so here for this path Kim is heading in.

We imply she’s ticked off actually each other container there must be ticked, so it’s the natural progression to venture into politics, appropriate? We suggest, Trump might write you a fine looking first rate personality reference we’re sure.

In a shock to no one, the Twittersphere has had a box day on this one, however us at MTV are resplendent choked up about this and even Johnson is gob smacked via her help:

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that room, and by using all bills- issues appeared to have long past dazzling damn smoothly.

Fingers crossed Kim kicked some severe political butt and perhaps gave Trump some hair and tan pointers?

– Wade sellers.